How To Play Magnum 4D Games

Are you confused about how to play Magnum 4D games and win exciting prizes? Be relaxed, we are here to guide you through each and every step of all types of Magnum 4D games in a very simple way. 

How To Play Magnum 4D Games

How To Play Magnum 4D Classic Game?

Magnum 4D Classic is from very early 4D games offered by Magnum, thus named a classic. It’s very easy to play it has simple three steps.

Playing Steps

In the first step, you pick a 4-digit number from 0000 to 9999. This 4-digit can be any random number within the mentioned limit. So you can guess and choose. In the second step, you have to choose how you want to play, through the big forecast, small forecast, or both, so the choice is yours. In the third step, you buy a ticket for each forecast. The minimum buy price is RM 1.

Game Methods

There are five methods to play the Magnum 4D Classic game.

1- Straight Play

As the name indicates, it’s straight, just choose a 4-digit number, choose forecast, and buy the ticket. 

2- Lucky Pick Play

In this method, you don’t choose a number rather the computer system chooses 4 digit number for you, then you choose the forecast, and the ticket is bought for you by the system.

3- Roll Play

In the method, you choose three digits and the system rolls one number for you from 0 to 9. After the rollout, 10 different number combinations are generated and the minimum ticket Price is RM 10. You are allowed to roll numbers from one to four, but only one number rollout is allowed at one time.

4- Permutation Play

In this method, you choose 4 digit number and let the system generate all possible variations from those 4 digits. 4 different numbers give you an edge over more diverse numbers and hence more chances to win. But, more different numbers mean a higher ticket price. We have explained this here in the table.

Permutation PlayExampleNumbers CombinationMinimum Purchase
1. One number repeating thrice)46664RM 4
2. (Both numbers repeat twice)37376RM 6
3. (One number repeating twice)224312RM 12
4. (All digits are different)123424RM 24

5- mBox Play

This method is the same as permutation, you choose 4 digits and the system generate all possible combination, but the main difference is price and payout. You can buy tickets for as low as RM1 but the prize will be lower than the permutation at the same time you will have more chances to win due to more tickets.

How To Play Magnum 4D Life Game?

Magnum Life is the latest game offered by Magnum and it’s also easy to play and win. It’s named Life because you can win RM 1000 every day for 20 years nonstop when your ticket (8) numbers match with drawn numbers. Let’s dive into the details to learn how to play it.

Playing Steps

In the first step, you choose 8 numbers from 1 to 36, then you select how you want to play, whether in a straight play, lucky pick play or system play. In the last steps, you buy a ticket for RM 1 each.

Game Methods

1- Straight Play

In the straight play, you choose 8 numbers from 1 to 36 in the combination of 1 or 2 number sets. You can buy up to 10 sets of digits in a ticket.

2- System Play

In the system play, you choose 9 numbers from 1 to 36 in a single play, this way your chances of winning increase. 

How To Play Magnum 4D Jackpot?

Magnum 4D jackpot is a little different from other games as discussed above. It has a more diverse range of prizes in value. You can win a jackpot of 1 worth of multi-millions and a jackpot of 2 worth of RM 100,000 minimum and more prizes. Let’s discuss more about how to play and win.

Playing Steps

In this game you choose two pairs of 4-digit numbers from 0000 to 9999, then you select playing method from straight play, roll play, permutation play, system play, or system play, in the last step you buy the ticket with the price of RM 2 minimum.

Game Methods

1- Straight Play

In the straight play, you select a pair of two 4-digit numbers and then pay RM 2 for each play.

2- Roll Play

Roll play in Magnum 4D Jackpot works the same as the 4D classic. It gives you the chance to cover all possible variants of 4D numbers for one rolled digit.

3- Permutation Play

Permutation play works the same as permutation play in 4D Classic but here you’ve two pairs of 4-digits means more chances to play and win. You can buy and play with one or either both 4D numbers. To understand more clearly check the below table.

1st 4D Number2nd 4D NumberPairsPrice 
34561289 (Permutation Play 24)1*24= 24RM 2* 24= RM 48
0004 (Permutation Play 4)44784*1= 4RM 2*4=RM 8
3456 (Permutation Play 24)4478 (Permutation Play 12)24*12= 288RM 2* 288= RM 576
6298 (Permutation Play 24)4242 (Permutation Play 6)24*6= 144RM2*144= 288
6687 (Permutation Play 12)2226 (Permutation Play 4)12*4= 48RM2* 48= 96

4- System Play

In the system Play you have a chance to purchase more than 1 pair of numbers. There is a list of the system plays 3 up to 480, so you have more choices to play from the list as per your wish.

5- Msystem Play

In the Msystem play minimum buy limit is 10 tickets for RM 10 and the list goes up to 1200 numbers. The best part of the game is that you can buy 50 unique numbers of your choice.

How To Play Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold?

Playing Steps

In the magnum 4d jackpot gold game you have to follow simple two steps. In the first step, choose a set of any 6 numbers, in the second step choose a 2-digit golden number from the 00 to 19 range. The minimum ticket buy price is RM 2. If your 6-digit number and 2 digits golden number match with the number drawn in the results then you can win millions.

Game Methods

1- Straight Play

Straight play is very simple and easy. You just choose any 6-digit number and 2-digit number from 00 to 19. A Set of 6-digit numbers can be any numbers from your life events or just a guess, Examples are given below.

Supposed Lucky Numbers6-Digit Number2-Digit Golden Number
Your date of Birth(e.g 12 Feb 1980)+ Your Son´s Age(e.g 12)120280+12
Your Graduation Date(e.g 16 Dec 19999)+ Years of study(e.g 16)161599+16

2- Roll Play 

In the Roll play method, you choose any 6-digit number and then roll out any digit of a 6-digit number, in this way, you have 10 number variations, and each number cost RM 2, so 10 costs RM 20. Examples are given below.

Example6-Digit Number
Roll the First digit of 081788041777, 141777, 241777, 341777, 441777, 541777, 641777, 741777, 841777, 941777
Roll third digit of 081788080788, 081788, 082788, 083788, 084788, 085788, 086788 087788, 088788, 089788

3- Lucky Pick

In the lucky pick game method, if you have no idea which 6-digit number to select then you can use the magnum system to generate a 6-digit number for you.

4- Permutation Play

Your 6-Digit NumberExampleNumber of PermuationsMinimum Cost
6 Unique Digits4567897201440
5 Unique Digits456788360720
4 Unique DigitsTwo digits appear twice457788180360
3 Unique DigitsEach digit appears twice457888120240
3 Unique DigitsOne digit appears twice and one digit appears thre times44556690180
3 Unique DigitsOne digit appears four times45556660120
2 Unique DigitsOne digit appears five times4566663060
2 Unique DigitsEach digit appears three times4445552040
2 Unique DigitsOne digit appears twice and one digit appears four times4455551530
2 Unique DigitsOne digit appearing five times466666612

How to Play Magnum mGold?

Mangum mGold is the variation of magnum4D jakcpot Gold. The biggest advantage of this game is to cover all possible 20 golden numbers.

By following Magnum Jackpot 4D Gold, it has two playing methods. The first is straight play and the second is a lucky pick. Playing methods are the same for both game types.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the various Magnum 4D games offer an exciting way for players to potentially win significant prizes by selecting numbers and forecasts. The games come in different formats, including Magnum 4D Classic, Magnum 4D Life, Magnum 4D Jackpot, Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold, and Magnum mGold.

Each game type has its unique playing steps and methods such as straight play, lucky pick, roll play, permutation play, and system play, providing players with multiple options to participate in the games.

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